Palm Center - BTC Redevelopment

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Announcement of New HBDi Chairman

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HOUSTON - February 6, 2013, - The Houston Business Development,Inc. (HBDi) Board of Directors is delighted to welcome Travel Industry Executive and Commercial Real Estate Developer, Mr Chad Khan as its newly elected Chairman of the Board.  Having led his workforce to a standard of  excellence in the travel industry for more than 23 years, [...]

How important is Character in Obtaining a Loan?

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5 C’s of Credit:  Character By Sean Terrazas, Credit Underwriter – Houston Business Development, Inc. How do lenders determine the credit worthiness of borrowers?  In general, financing institutions determine who they will extend credit to based upon five key factors or the “5 C’s of credit:” character, capacity, capital, collateral, and condition.  Character, being one [...]