Business Name
Golden Mountain, Inc. dba Kim Son Restaurant

2001 Jefferson Houston, Texas 77003


Principal Owners
Tan La and Tri La

In 1982, the La family, immigrants from Vietnam, established their first Kim Son Restaurant at 2108 Pease Street in the Chinatown area. Within ten months, the restaurant moved to a larger facility at 1801 St. Emmanuel, and by 1986, a second location was opened in Southwest Houston at 8200 Wilcrest.

Golden Mountain, Inc., dba Kim Son Restaurant, is an offshoot of the successful family owned restaurant that was established by Tan La and Tri La to penetrate new markets and capitalize on the high demand for banquet hall and reception facilities. HBDi provided financing to fund the 9,000-square-foot facility at 1503 St. Emmanuel in the Second Ward/Navigation area. Ten full-time and 40 part-time jobs were created. With a menu of over 250 dishes, Kim Son features Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine.

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